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This Webpage is a Tribute to....
Uncle Pick & Aunt Ernestine
who were Co-Grand Marshals for the 2001
Stevenson Depot Days Festival!
Featured in the background
color photo are my Uncle Pick........
.....and his wife of more than
sixty years, Aunt Ernestine Mann Russell.

Congratulations to:

Mr. Dal,"PAP", Smith:

Mrs. Loretta Barbee,
Director of "Depot Museum"

Co-Grand Marshals:
Dr.Morali Mohan
Dr. Asha Mohan:

Jacquie Lawson e-cards

Mayor James Rickey Steele:2007
Mr. Jimmy Merrill Garner:2006
The Honorable Judge
John H. Graham:2005
Mrs. Annie Maude Talley:2004
Mrs. Sue Smith:2003
Mrs. Betty Ruth Henninger:2002
Co-Grand Marshals:
Israel Pickens Russell,III
Ernestine Mann Russell:2001
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